Made in Belgium

As a manufacturer, we continue to focus on innovation and improving worker safety during roadworks

More than 40 years of experience

With more than 40 years of experience and a vast portfolio of clients, we are a reference in the world for road safety systems


Stuer-Egghe is active worldwide and has a large network of distributors on all different continents.


Stuer-Egghe, founded in 1978, started as a manufacturer of special trailers and semi-trailers for heavy duty applications. The increasing demand for safety on mobile construction sites led our company to invest in the development of its own project for a shock absorber mounted on a truck chassis. Years of experience and research have resulted in Stuer-Egghe’s own TMA brand: the “”Julietta”” shock absorber. Unique in the industry, it is the only shock absorber designed to minimize replacement time and costs in the event of an accident. Julietta TMAs are exported worldwide and increase safety in many mobile work areas. They have been tested on American and European vehicles in the spirit of the NCHRP 350 directive. Stuer-Egghe is constantly innovating and raising the bar in order to improve safety on construction sites.


Stuer-Egghe has in-house design and production departments and works closely with distributors worldwide.

Together with our local distributors, we are able to offer a high level of service anywhere in the world